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334.4 MILLION phone calls in 2016 were generated from sites other than a business website. If you are not found across the web, you are loosing revenues!

622.9 MILLION directions in 2016 were used from sites other than a business website. If you are not found across the web, you are loosing revenues!

Your online profile MUST be EVERYWHERE ALWAYS to be found.

Your online profile MUST be full of rich content, with distinct CALLS-TO-ACTION so that when you are found, your prospects are more prone to taking action. Additionally, your online profile represents your business in a professional manner worthy of being chosen over your competitor. After all, if you and your competitor’s profiles are side by side, which one would YOUR PROSPECT choose?

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By 2020, over ½ of ALL searches will be voice activated. With the advent of Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson, Google Home Assistant, Bing’s AI, et al, voice searches have become laser targeted. For example, “restaurant near me, with wi-fi, free parking, and bar-b-que ribs on their menu.”

AI platforms aggregate their data from different sources they don’t share with each other. Why? They are in direct competition with other AI platforms. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where to be placed (directories, social networks, apps, etc.) so that your place of business is picked up by AI platforms when someone is looking for you? Now you can.

Be everywhere your prospects are

Be everywhere your prospects are. Get found on 60+ sites including Google, Facebook, Yelp, top directors and other third-party apps, maps, and social networks. Enjoy 2.7X + more views, get better search results, and keep your information accurate and up to date.

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Adapt in real time, every time

Holiday hours. Business openings and closings. Back to school special services and promotions, new team members joining your business, new services offered, etc. Your digital knowledge isn’t static; it’s constantly changing and evolving with your business. Keep your patients/clients informed in real-time across your website and app as well as the search engines, maps, and social networks that they rely upon daily. Eliminate the frustration of bad information once and for all. BONUS: This helps your organic search ranking as well – aka “SEO.

Enhanced Content
A listing with all fields completed receives...


more searches


more Yelp Page views


more listing views

Whether you are searched for you by PERSONAL NAME, or by your BUSINESS NAME, Rich-Data immediately increases the amount of views, reviews and conversions of your business listing across the web which increases REVENUE!

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Is your information accurate across the web?

Business information changes 61 per year!

We analyzed a business that had no control over their online presence (on the right). As you can see, we saw a core NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data changes every 6 days, (61 times a year), without the businesses changing it!

Search Engines provide less exposure to businesses without a quality data single, and users looking for the business on different sites/apps/social networks, can't find the business or get the wrong information. 

Is Your Business Information Precise and Locked Across the Web?

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Due to our family’s major media connections spanning over 125 years, we FEATURE top health practitioners and business entrepreneurs in the country! It is our mission to showcase your business or medical practice not only to

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Were you aware, due to our extensive knowledge of online algorithms, we’ve found a way to combine our TRIFECTA solution to help you rank over competitors organically without you having to spend $5,000 to $7,000 or MORE in monthly SEO services.

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Dedicated Account Management

Get dedicated support from our staff of experts on maintaining accurate profiles, responding to reviews, and disputing negative reviews. The same account manager will share insights and consult on best practices for review management.

Check How You Appear on +60 Top Sites

Bottom Line!

86% of people will hesitate to purchase from a business/choose a certain health practitioner from a business/doctor who has negative online reviews

On average, a one star increase in a certain direction we use leads to a 5% - 9% in business revenue

One negative review can cost your 30 patients/clients



Too many businesses still think of local digital presence with a yellow pages mindset, believing that name, address, and phone are all customers need to make a decision. Today’s mobile consumers expect more.

Getting a business listed on a website, app, or directory site is the essential foundation of building a digital presence to INCREASE REVENUES! But the full value is unlocked when businesses start using their location data not just for basic discovery but as a distinct marketing channel.

You can differentiate your business and stand out from the competition by leveraging rich listings

— moving beyond name, address, and phone to incorporate additional listing information to both inform and engage consumers


Too many businesses have wonderful reviews but not managed correctly, therefore often times, their competitors with lower reviews or absent of a web site. Why is that? We know how to help.


The United States has some of the most AMAZING health care professionals and business owners. Due to our family’s extensive media connections and distribution channels, we’ve not only figured out how to use our media exposure to showcase a professional but to use said publication to organically rank in search engines too.

Let Dealey Media International be your AFFORDABLE online marketing experts!

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2.7x Your online exposure, get found by personal or facility name, be impactful when patients find you!

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